Program Information


YSP continues to be accessible to all highly qualified students who meet the eligibility requirements and are admitted to the program. The Florida State University provides room, board, and tuition for every participant, free of charge. This equates to an automatic scholarship in the amount of over $3,000.00 for each and every student. Students with significant financial need, defined as being unable to attend the Young Scholars Program unless additional support is made available for travel and books, may apply for a supplemental stipend (see Application Materials).

For more information on the components of the program, visit the following pages:


The best part about YSP was the different classes. I learned a lot, and I was exposed to new, interesting, and challenging material. The bonding experience with other campers was also valuable.

-Previous YSP Student

YSP was a great experience. I'd even say these have been the best six weeks of my life. The size is just right so that you have a wide variety of personalities but small enough so that you make a connection with everyone. YSP has completely changed the way I view science, the world, myself, and my future.

-Previous YSP Student



I enjoyed the IRP because it provided hands-on lab experience. I also loved meeting other like-minded people and making good friends.

-Previous YSP Student


I think my computer science class stands out because this was my first experience programming; it opened my eyes to a whole new world of technology.

-Previous YSP Student



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